Covid-19 Update

As a small independent trader, PWUK is , like most others , feeling the impact of the current situation. We would like to offer all our clients, trade and retail, a 20% discount.

On top of this we will also donate 10% of the profit to Medcins Sans Frontiers and charities working with Orang Utans in Indonesia. The country has not yet  felt the full force of the virus, and , tragically it has the potential to be  even more devastating than in the West. As the majority of our products come from the archipelago, and we have a long history there we felt this was the right thing to do.

Please contact us for more information.

Petrified Wood UK is a subsidiary of This is a one stop shop for all things petrified. We are based in London UK. Our range of Petrified Wood includes tables, stools, slices, slabs and bowls.